Casey’s Sock Hop 2011

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Science Fair 2010

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Too many snow days…

This is what you get with too many snow days and one creative child:

She borrowed the camera…

How about a mustache like Daddy?


Or maybe a goatee?

I think she used this as her guide for her final photo shoot.




Ally’s Version:

To be fair, she did ask me if she could draw on her face and for some reason I said yes.  It took two days to get this marker off her face 🙂

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Pumpkin Carnival








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Football 2010


This is my favorite picture of the season.  Carter and Brad after he scored his first touchdown.





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Mudroom Renovation with a coffee table

Mission:  Create a place for winter coats and shoes now that the weather is getting colder.

Plan:  Use an existing coffee table as a mudroom storage bench.  I found the idea to cut up our old coffee table here.

What a neat idea!


Disclaimer:  This table is o.l.d.  We picked it up at a dumpster years ago, so it has seen better days. The flash on my camera picked up every nasty detail but I assure you that the room this is going in will be dimly lit so no one will notice the imperfections.

Brad went to work on the table and I started painting.  We weren’t sure how the table would turn out because of the rattan sides, but it worked great!

Yikes, the orange paint is outta here!  We’ve tried using this hallway as a mudroom before.  Youcan see where we patched the holes from the previous coat hooks.  This time we needed a stronger system to handle the four kiddos because the hooks kept coming out of the wall and shoes were all over the place.

How it looks now:


Brad made the seats for the benches and now we can hide our shoes!


I was thinking of doing a chalkboard wall in this hallway.  I could only find the paint in a small can so I talked to someone at Lowes who said you can use Valspar matte finish paint and it works just like a chalkboard.

When I got home I found a different brand durable Matte Paint that I bought from the mis-tint section a while ago.  So we are testing that out to see if it works the same way.  I only painted one coat of matte blue over the orange so far.  You can see the residue on the wall opposite the benches.  I can already tell that the chalkboard markers are not gonna work.  Riley is loving it!

There is still lots to do but I love how it looks so far.  I really want to make this sign for above the door.

I think it’s so true!

photo: 320* Sycamore

Mudroom To do list:

Get baseboard

Paint Trim

Find window treatment

Paint a second coat on the walls

Make “Be Kind” sign

Scrub down the benches


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Trick or Treat 2010


Right to left:  sassy tween ballerina, even sassier tween pirate, adorable owl {aka”owllerina”},

spunky hip-hopper, and a tough football player


I made Ally’s costume from here. So cute!


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