Meet the Teacher

I forgot how busy it gets when it’s time to go back to school. We spent the day at a pool with friends yesterday, which made for a really busy day today. Riley and Ally both met their teachers today…

Here are the girls in the dress-up center at Ally’s preschool:

Ally was pretty apprehensive about her class,

but I think she’s gonna love it 🙂

After spending some time looking around Ally’s class, we headed to Wal-Mart where we stocked up on school supplies! Guess it does pay off to procrastinate because everything was dirt cheap! I had been putting off buying binders because they were so expensive [like $5 each] and we needed several. So anyway, today they were 50¢!

Next stop, Riley’s school.

Funniest thing is that her teacher’s name this year is Mrs. Boring! Riley thought she was great and she loved the fact that she gets a locker. Fun Times!

Off to organize the school supplies!



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3 responses to “Meet the Teacher

  1. PAPAW

    Good luck to everybody! I will be praying for all of you. Casey, don’t worry about getting lost, I was lost for a whole week when I went to high school. Be sure and wake Mom and Dad up early. Love You. Bert

  2. BERT

    The previous messeage is from Me.

  3. mamastoff

    No way! I think Jared had Mrs. Boring!! Haha! I would never forget that name! I told Dan the ONLY grade she could teach is Kindergarten- she has NO hope of surviving in Middle School or High School.
    Tell the kiddos good luck!
    BTW- guess who FORGOT meet-the-teacher???? Yeah. Oops. Off to a great start!
    PS- I love how your family actually READS your blog and even COMMENTS on it. Mine has yet to care.

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