First Day of School 2008

The morning was pretty uneventful compared to last year. There is no busing so we didn’t have any friends to wait around with and get pictures. This year, Casey’s day begins 1 hour ahead of the rest of the kids so we have to be up and moving pretty early. I’m hoping this will help us get everyone to school on time:) The only problem we should have is that Carter, Riley, Ally all start at the same time.

Casey packed her and Carter’s lunch last night. Sweet sister 🙂

The day went by so fast that we almost forgot what time it was. I had to grab Ally up from her nap to be at Casey’s school. Yikes! She was so sweet! When she came out she had a huge smile and she said that she wanted to stay at school because it was so much fun! Keyboard was her favorite class because you get headphone with a microphone built in. “Just like the movie Camp Rock!” she said.

Carter didn’t have quite as much to say:)  He spent most of the night reading a chapter book. And he wasn’t too excited for this picture…

He does have a goal of staying on all GREEN this year. That means no warnings for talking, goofing off, etc… I thought that was a great goal!

Tomorrow is Riley’s Big Day! She can’t wait!

We went to Taggart’s to celebrate. It’s our back-to-school tradition 🙂

Here are some terrible pics from our phones…not sure what Ally is up to?!?!


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