Time for a Change

Rachel and I decided it was time for a change.  Plus, I was lookin’ Amish 🙂

Me Before

Long and scary

Rachel Before

She loved it when I snapped this picture! Didn’t ya, Rach?!?! :mrgreen:


Unfortunately, since we’ve had NO power, my hair hasn’t looked like this since!



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2 responses to “Time for a Change

  1. Rachel

    Well you sure don’t miss a beat! Thought I was going to escape my Hammond Family Blog debut due to the power-outage… guess not.

    ps…your hair HAS looked that good!

  2. Mamsie

    Suz: Love your new “do”! You look great and so does Rachel!
    What an amazing fam – they boo-ed when the power came on! Are you trying to make me feel totally spoiled or what?! Anyway, I’m glad it’s back on. Hope the meat stayed frozen!!!
    Love you

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