Christmas Surprise {Part 3}

Note #3

The LAST Santa bag was found on our windshield.

Who knows how it got there :mrgreen:

We stopped for a potty break and found this on the windshield.


Seriously, at this point the kids knew we were not going to KY, and they had their own ideas of what we might me doing.


We opened the bag to read this:

Well, I would post it, but I can’t find the pic soooooo…

Santa told us he had programmed an address into our GPS and told us to go there!

Here is my favorite pic of the kids faces when they finally realized where Santa was taking us.





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2 responses to “Christmas Surprise {Part 3}

  1. Man, you guys are the most awesomest parents ever!

  2. courtney

    this is so cool! i love their faces too. I wished i could have seen you at christmas but we didn’t end up going to FCC. HOpe your christmas was good. Did Santa leave anything for you at the gas station?

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