Under the BIG TOP

Thanks to a very talented blogger, The Nester, I tackled a new home project…window mistreatments!!!

Our windows in the front room have been bare for 2 reasons:

1. Nice fabric is sooooo expensive.
2. The window wall has a little curve to it, but they are not quite bay windows, so what to do about a rod? Custom made? $$$ No way!

Here is our solution {Nester Style}


Just pretend that the lighting is amazing
and you can see the bare windows.
My batteries were dying,
and the flash wouldn't work,
and I was too anxious to get the picture to change the batteries!

Okay, now here is a better look at what is going on in this dungeon of a room:

I {aka: El Cheapo} used drapery hooks on upholstery tacks to hang my $1 a yard fabric from Wal-Mart.  And a big thank you to my amazing husband for actually measuring the tacks for me! img_0126

Here is a shot of the finished project.

It is very cozy but I’m not sure if it is too circus tentish, ya know the stripes and all?  What do ya think?


And now for the finishing touch, which I think makes it truly POP…Stars!!!


I think we are gonna like it this way for a while.

♥Dark and Cozy♥

At least as long as it’s snowing

and below freezing in my neck of the woods!

I hate to brag but…there was NO sewing involved in this window mistreatment!   :mrgreen:

Run to The Nester to find out how you can do this too!!

EDIT:  Shoot!  Pictures don’t do these windows justice!  Come on over and check them out yourself.  They look much better in person!



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7 responses to “Under the BIG TOP

  1. Beautiful. I so wish I could check them out in person. 🙂

  2. Papaw

    It looks great.


  3. mamastoff

    Amazing with the stars!!!! Perfect finishing touch! Nice work!

  4. Aunt Susan

    I love it. The stars add a Texas feel to it. 😉

  5. rfox14

    I am impressed girl!!! I can’t wait to check them out next week. It looks AWESOME! Are you telling the truth about the “no sewing”??? 🙂

  6. I love it…it’s super cute!!! and I’m not thinking circus at all…on the brink of folkart meets cottage…cute either way 😉 Blessings!

  7. P.S. and Aunt Susan is right…there are stars bloody everywhere down here in Texas!!!

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