Somebody Lost Their 1st Tooth!

This tooth has been hanging by a thread for a few weeks now.  See how loose it is?  It’s practically leaning on top of the other tooth. {bottom row}


I tried {like a terrible mother} to pull it out on several occasions 🙂

On Sunday, she even let me put dental floss around it… if I would let her pull on the string :mrgreen:




Well, I think the floss worked against me because it wrapped itself around the root instead of popping the tooth out 😦


Let’s just say that Riley wasn’t very happy with me that day.

{note to self: don’t do this with the next child}

So we let it rest for a few days and i didn’t bring it up until I saw her tooth flopping around this morning.  It was too much for me so I managed to sneak my fingers in there for one last time and snap it out in about 2 seconds. She didn’t even know it came out!


Now ain’t she a cutie?


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One response to “Somebody Lost Their 1st Tooth!

  1. Bert

    Good job Riley. I can’t wait to see you next week.
    Love you, BERT

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