Valentine’s Day Makes Me Puke!

Brad and I had an amazing {kid-free} weekend thanks to my parents!  It was great because it was Brad’s birthday {aka: Valentine’s Day} and we had plans to go out with friends to celebrate.

On Friday night, we met at Fedeli’s Restaurant with 3 other couples to celebrate #35!


I HIGHLY recommend this restaurant for anyone that lives in this area.

Everyone loved their meal and the atmosphere was very cool.

Brad even got a few birthday gifts…


{Don’t ask but I think it has something to do with a purse and a short putt in a golf match this summer}

Fun times with good friends!


Marcy and Matt


Amy and Mike


Rachel and Mike

And for the “Valentine’s Day make me puke” part…on Valentines Day, we went to El Campesino {Our Favorite Neighborhood Restaurant}.  A few minutes after we sat down to enjoy our romantic :mrgreen: dinner, a girl two booths down, starts choking and finally vomits all over the table!  YUMMY!  Good thing we REALLY like El Campesino, or we would’ve been headin for the door.

Just one more reason why Valentine’s Day makes me puke!


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