My First Cavs Game

Yesterday we got a last minute invite to go to a Cavs game. Not just any tickets, friends, we had “special” seats!  A couple from church was generous enough to share their suite with us last night! It was so amazing!

q-seats{here’s an idea of the pure bliss we experienced}

From start to finish, it was a great night. We were chauffeured to the game by our host, Jamie Showers, and another couple so Brad and I were able to snuggle up in the back of the suburban :mrgreen:

In the parking garage, we were only about 50 feet from the entrance of the arena then we just walked down the hall to the suite. Not bad for my first Cavs game huh?

The view was, um, nice.


Everyone was so kind, they made us feel welcome.


We snacked on chips and popcorn.  Then they brought a dessert cart around for us to choose from.

I got this.   {some kind of chocolate mocha heaven}


Brad got carrot cake.  {A-mazing!}





The Showers family was so generous that night and I am so glad that we were able to go.  Thank you, thank you Showers Family!


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