Family Room Makeover

The school bus yellow color was getting old.


We’ve practically worn sunglasses in this room for the last 2 years!  I picked out the color. Yes, I take the credit for this terrible decorating mistake.  I picked out the color and then left the hubster home for the weekend to paint it for me.

If I had been around, I would have known after the first roller of paint went up, that this was NOT the color I was looking for.  But being the amazing husband that he is, he just threw his shades on and kept painting.  I must have picked it out on a dreary winter day. It’s really the only explanation.


Fast forward to now, just coming out of another dreary season, and you’ll find me ready to redo every room in our house.

This winter, came across so many decorating blogs that have inspired me! Here are a few of my favorites:

Nesting Place

The Lettered Cottage

The Inspired Room

Thrifty Decor Chick

A Soft Place to Land

I painted the family room Svelte Sage, by Sherwin Williams. I took the color to Wal-Mart and had them mix it for me. I don’t love this color like I hoped I would.  I’m wondering if the cheap Wal-Mart paint can really compare to Sherwin Williams. For now, it’s close enough.

No staging has taken place for this photo!  The cabinets on either side of the TV will eventually house movies and kids game stations.


I haven’t made any real changes with furniture yet, but I just wanted to show you the difference in the wall color. Pretty amazing, I think.

And so calming! We need a little calm in this family 🙂

The star is my FAVORITE part. If you remember, my friend, Amber and I covered barn stars a few months ago. Her’s turned out really great. She worst part is that she recently moved to sunny Florida, but she did leave me with the beautiful star! Thanks Amber!!

{On a side note they are selling their house in Canton, so if you need a home or know someone who does, go here.}

I hope to show more pictures as the room progresses.



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3 responses to “Family Room Makeover

  1. MOM

    These pictures would look better with a grandchild in them. HA
    Lv U

  2. rfox14

    When can I come over and check out the svelte sage??? Last time I was at your house I left inspired to do something to mine! 🙂

  3. Hahahahahahah! YOU rock woman! Compliments AND an plug for our house!!!! How much do I owe you??? Your check will be in the mail! Miss ya!

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