Riley Turns 6


We have a tradition of waking up the birthday kids with singing and a donut.


Poor Riley waited for about 15 minutes {awake}

in her bed while we were getting everything ready!


Next it was downstairs for breakfast and PRESENTS!


I love the look on her face when she opened this Barbie head thing-a-ma-jig!

Love those eyes!


And she can’t resist a great pair of gaudy pick clip on earrings!

She even took these to school to show her teacher.

Wander what the teacher thought about that? 🙂


She was even greeted by the Scary Hooded Monster!


Later Ally and I had lunch with Riley at school.

I’m pretty sure her favorite part of the day was the Birthday Ribbon they gave her at school.

What a Cutie!


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One response to “Riley Turns 6

  1. Bert

    Riley you are such a beautiful little girl. I love you so much.


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