Chandy Candy


Yes, this is the dreadful fixture that we’ve ignored for 7 years.

Notice the dust.

Can you say “Unloved”?

After being inspired by several bloggers this past winter, I found out that you can practically spray paint ANYTHING!

I even learned how to spray paint plates here. So why not spray paint a chandelier? Right?

So I did just that!  We’re not talking rocket science.  Why can’t I think of these things on my own?  Oh well, live and learn.

So let me introduce you to my new love…


Hey Baby!

Here is the step by step process to give your

dying Chandelier new life:

1.} Get some good black spray paint.

Then spray till ya can’t spray no mo’!

I actually painted mine from a hook in the garage.

{Thanks to my smart Hubby’s advice}


2.} Replace those terrible shades!  NOW!


I covered mine with a remnant of fabric that I found at JoAnn’s.

I just brushed a little watered down craft glue on the shade and then attached the fabric.

I traced the shade to make the pattern.  Simple.  Simple.


3.} Spray paint the plastic thing-a-ma-bobs

under the bulb. {pardon a moi, candle sleeve}


4.} Finish her off with hot glue and pretty trimmings.


And there you have it!

I used to hate it and now I LOVE it!

Reduce. Reuse. Re-STYLE Baby!

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37 responses to “Chandy Candy

  1. love it susan! you’re so creative! and love the new name for your blog too!

  2. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your spray painting magic!

  3. That transformation is unbelievable! You did a fabulous job and should be very proud.

  4. WOW!!! Love it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Great work and great tutorial!

    love it!

  6. LOVE it! Beautiful job!! The black and white will pop in any room!

  7. I have to admit I thought that lamp was hopeless – I can’t believe how you transformed it! Awesome job and I might just have to be a copycat :0)

  8. Oh, I have an unloved chandy that would be just perfect like yours if I could spray paint it!!! It just screams “I am beautiful now”!!!!! Love it!


  9. Ann

    Found you through the Nester. Sweet mercy, LOVE this transformation!!!! Fabulous vision and someone would pay top dollar for that, but you wouldn’t sell because it’s so stinkin’ pretty and it’s yours!! Love it.

  10. Now this is a beauty. Talk about a transformation! Thank you so much for telling us how you did it, too. Won-der-ful!!

  11. I want to march right out to the thrift store to find an ugly chandelier to make gorgeous! Thanks for the tips…it is just beautiful!

  12. Kimberly

    WOW!!!! What a transformation! I love it!!

  13. WOW!!! That’s about all I can get out… just… WOW!

  14. I seriously LOVE this! Well done! 🙂

  15. THAT IS AWESOME!!!! I LOVE it! I painted one pink and added crystals, I gotta find some shades for it though. Yours is the BEST I’ve seen so far today!

  16. It looks incredible! I just used damask to recover a lampshape too. I love your sweet trim on the bottom.

  17. What a transformation! It looks great! I have the same style hanging chandy in my eating area and have been wanting to paint it. You’ve now given me the inspiration!

  18. I LOVE it!! GREAT! job!


  19. Dee

    Looks like there’s a new girl in town!


  20. Bravo smart girl! This is a fab makeover, and pretty snappy writing as well.

  21. That is an incredible makeover! The black chandy with the graphic shades is just gorg!!

  22. That is beautiful! Nice job!

  23. Hi Susan,
    This is my 1st visit to your blog via The Nester. Great makeover and I will remember your neat trick about hanging it from a hook to make painting easier. ~Cathy~

  24. Good night nurse!@!@ I have a very similar brassity brass fixture that I was going to get rid of… but perhaps, spray paint is the answer? THANK YOU for showing how to add fabric to the shades! Never would have thought of that!

  25. Ok, that is GORGEOUS! And it looks like you spent some serious cash on it, too. It truly is amazing what a little spray paint can do. I’m absolutely addicted to it. Thanks for sharing the great tutorial.


  26. Susan

    Gorgeous! And I think I have that chandy in my crawlspace!

  27. WOW! Now THAT is impressive!! Definitely my favorite b&a. 🙂

  28. Fabulous makeover! Love the damask shades!

  29. Bonnie

    Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing – I need new celing lights for two rooms and this one really gives me hope!

  30. Jenna

    Oh my word!! That is stunningly gorgeous!!! Bookmarking this for future inspiration!

  31. Sue

    How did you get that perfectly trimmed fabric edge on the inside of the shades? It doesn’t look like you put trim on the inside, yet they all look look incredibly even. How did you do that??

    • Hammond Haven

      It is just the fabric trim that you see on the inside of the shade. I didn’t mean for it to happen like that but it just worked out that way. I was actually planning on covering the inside of the shade too, but I haven’t gotten around to it. Thanks for the comment!

  32. Rebecca W

    OK, so I’ve found a chandy similar to yours and can’t wait to spray paint it, but as i’m a newbie, I was hoping you could tell me what sheen you used? Satin? Glossy? Matte? HELP!
    Thanks. 🙂

  33. Hammond Haven

    Rebecca W
    I just used a satin finish on this chandelier. I didn’t prime it or anything because it barely ever gets touched. It has worked out great so far. Good luck with your project!

  34. Rebecca W

    Thanks so much. I’ll let you know how mine turns out… 😀

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