In Over My Head

Carter asked to have a few friends over for an End on the Year Get Together.


I thought, why not?

I sort of laugh and cry at the same time as I remember the looks on the teachers faces when they found out all of these boys were coming home with me.


Don’t worry no one was injured!  Apparently they really do enjoy beating on each other.

They have energy I tell ya!


The girls were less than impressed.


That looks tells ya what I was thinkin’ too!

So I immediately called Big Papa to please please please come and help me!

What a great man.  He was home in a jif shooting hoops with the boys.


Unfortunately the weather was gross but the boys didn’t mind.  The played basketball in the drizzle.



They played kickball too.


And in the end it was all worth it!



I love my little man!



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2 responses to “In Over My Head

  1. Aunt Susan

    Suz you are brave! The group photo is awesome.

  2. mamastoff

    okay the “laugh and cried” line is like the best. i can totally see your face!!! haha! you’re awesome! miss you!

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