Happy Birthday Smiley Riley

Birthday #7

Our birthday morning tradition.

Gorgeous hair, gorgeous smile, what a sweetie!

A special b-day gift from our sweet neighbors.  Love this face!

A special card from her little sis.

And a b-day hat too!  Thanks Ally!

And finally one of my fav new traditions that we started last year,

a new shirt with your new age to wear to school.

And one more pic.  She couldn’t wait to spend her gift card that Papaw and Bert sent yesterday.  She was really searching for a violin but settled for this guitar and even wrote a new song last night.

I think you will appreciate the lyrics:

I need you

I need you

let’s dance

mom and dad dance

no child allowed to the mom and dad dance! 🙂


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One response to “Happy Birthday Smiley Riley

  1. Lauren

    can i say Happy Bday Riley. I remember the day you were born. and your song is wondreful. also… you and Olivia can now rock out on your guitars together. love ya! Miss Lauren

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