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Mudroom Renovation with a coffee table

Mission:  Create a place for winter coats and shoes now that the weather is getting colder.

Plan:  Use an existing coffee table as a mudroom storage bench.  I found the idea to cut up our old coffee table here.

What a neat idea!


Disclaimer:  This table is o.l.d.  We picked it up at a dumpster years ago, so it has seen better days. The flash on my camera picked up every nasty detail but I assure you that the room this is going in will be dimly lit so no one will notice the imperfections.

Brad went to work on the table and I started painting.  We weren’t sure how the table would turn out because of the rattan sides, but it worked great!

Yikes, the orange paint is outta here!  We’ve tried using this hallway as a mudroom before.  Youcan see where we patched the holes from the previous coat hooks.  This time we needed a stronger system to handle the four kiddos because the hooks kept coming out of the wall and shoes were all over the place.

How it looks now:


Brad made the seats for the benches and now we can hide our shoes!


I was thinking of doing a chalkboard wall in this hallway.  I could only find the paint in a small can so I talked to someone at Lowes who said you can use Valspar matte finish paint and it works just like a chalkboard.

When I got home I found a different brand durable Matte Paint that I bought from the mis-tint section a while ago.  So we are testing that out to see if it works the same way.  I only painted one coat of matte blue over the orange so far.  You can see the residue on the wall opposite the benches.  I can already tell that the chalkboard markers are not gonna work.  Riley is loving it!

There is still lots to do but I love how it looks so far.  I really want to make this sign for above the door.

I think it’s so true!

photo: 320* Sycamore

Mudroom To do list:

Get baseboard

Paint Trim

Find window treatment

Paint a second coat on the walls

Make “Be Kind” sign

Scrub down the benches



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Before and After: Dresser


Solid wood dresser we bought from Goodwill for $25 in a scary shade of maroon.


We loved the lines and thought it would make a great buffet.


We sanded it down and then coated on 2-3 coats of black satin paint.


Now we just have to add some color!

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Chandy Candy


Yes, this is the dreadful fixture that we’ve ignored for 7 years.

Notice the dust.

Can you say “Unloved”?

After being inspired by several bloggers this past winter, I found out that you can practically spray paint ANYTHING!

I even learned how to spray paint plates here. So why not spray paint a chandelier? Right?

So I did just that!  We’re not talking rocket science.  Why can’t I think of these things on my own?  Oh well, live and learn.

So let me introduce you to my new love…


Hey Baby!

Here is the step by step process to give your

dying Chandelier new life:

1.} Get some good black spray paint.

Then spray till ya can’t spray no mo’!

I actually painted mine from a hook in the garage.

{Thanks to my smart Hubby’s advice}


2.} Replace those terrible shades!  NOW!


I covered mine with a remnant of fabric that I found at JoAnn’s.

I just brushed a little watered down craft glue on the shade and then attached the fabric.

I traced the shade to make the pattern.  Simple.  Simple.


3.} Spray paint the plastic thing-a-ma-bobs

under the bulb. {pardon a moi, candle sleeve}


4.} Finish her off with hot glue and pretty trimmings.


And there you have it!

I used to hate it and now I LOVE it!

Reduce. Reuse. Re-STYLE Baby!

Join the Nester Lampapalooza Party Too!


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Family Room Makeover

The school bus yellow color was getting old.


We’ve practically worn sunglasses in this room for the last 2 years!  I picked out the color. Yes, I take the credit for this terrible decorating mistake.  I picked out the color and then left the hubster home for the weekend to paint it for me.

If I had been around, I would have known after the first roller of paint went up, that this was NOT the color I was looking for.  But being the amazing husband that he is, he just threw his shades on and kept painting.  I must have picked it out on a dreary winter day. It’s really the only explanation.


Fast forward to now, just coming out of another dreary season, and you’ll find me ready to redo every room in our house.

This winter, came across so many decorating blogs that have inspired me! Here are a few of my favorites:

Nesting Place

The Lettered Cottage

The Inspired Room

Thrifty Decor Chick

A Soft Place to Land

I painted the family room Svelte Sage, by Sherwin Williams. I took the color to Wal-Mart and had them mix it for me. I don’t love this color like I hoped I would.  I’m wondering if the cheap Wal-Mart paint can really compare to Sherwin Williams. For now, it’s close enough.

No staging has taken place for this photo!  The cabinets on either side of the TV will eventually house movies and kids game stations.


I haven’t made any real changes with furniture yet, but I just wanted to show you the difference in the wall color. Pretty amazing, I think.

And so calming! We need a little calm in this family 🙂

The star is my FAVORITE part. If you remember, my friend, Amber and I covered barn stars a few months ago. Her’s turned out really great. She worst part is that she recently moved to sunny Florida, but she did leave me with the beautiful star! Thanks Amber!!

{On a side note they are selling their house in Canton, so if you need a home or know someone who does, go here.}

I hope to show more pictures as the room progresses.


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Before and After






Actually, this isn’t a real before picture because before was much worse!

I really wanted some silhouette of the kids and I knew I didn’t have the $$ to pay someone, so…


I had the kids stand sideways, snapped a quick shot of their adorable little profile, printed it and cut it out.  Then I grabbed some black poster board we had left over from a school project and I traced the profiles on it with a pencil.  Next, I cut those  babies out and slapped them in frames.  The white behind each picture is actually white paper that came with the frame.   Not perfect, but I LOVE it!






Can you believe this is scrapbook paper?!?

Find out about it here.


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