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Weekend Wedding

We went to a beautiful wedding this past weekend in Kentucky.

It was HOT, but the setting was amazing and the wedding party was gorgeous!

You can see Brad’s head starting to burn 🙂

The water and fans were a great idea!

Everything was amazing and it was good to be with the family!

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Glenwood Volleyball Player #9

{Glenwwod vs. Jackson}

{Glenwood vs Oakwood Scrimmage}

{Glenwood vs Oakwood Scrimmage}

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Back to School-Back to Blogging

Introducing our 7th grader!  She was so excited about school today!


Oh MY!  Look at that toothless grin!

Rice Krispie Treats for the new teacher with a note from Riley that read:

“Dear Mrs. M. I was hopeing I got you. From Riley” ….adorable!

Carter took “Cupcakes from Carter” and I would be SHOCKED if they made it there in one piece!  He squashed them about ten times waiting for the bus!  Oh well, it’s the thought!

I got the idea from here.

Can you tell she was super excited?

Two cuties!

My baby!!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness!  There they go!  Things would have been much different had there not been older siblings looking out for Ally today!  They were so sweet together on the bus.

Check out the little dot on the waving hand.  I put little hearts on the girls hands today so when they saw it they would know that I was thinking about them and praying for them.  Carter wouldn’t let me do it:)  I’m sure they are having a blast today!  Oh now, what to do?? 🙂

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Happy Birthday Smiley Riley

Birthday #7

Our birthday morning tradition.

Gorgeous hair, gorgeous smile, what a sweetie!

A special b-day gift from our sweet neighbors.  Love this face!

A special card from her little sis.

And a b-day hat too!  Thanks Ally!

And finally one of my fav new traditions that we started last year,

a new shirt with your new age to wear to school.

And one more pic.  She couldn’t wait to spend her gift card that Papaw and Bert sent yesterday.  She was really searching for a violin but settled for this guitar and even wrote a new song last night.

I think you will appreciate the lyrics:

I need you

I need you

let’s dance

mom and dad dance

no child allowed to the mom and dad dance! 🙂

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4th Grade Luncheon

Our elementary school hosts a special luncheon for the 4th and 5th graders.  Here is Carter and his buddy Alex at the bus stop all dressed up for the occasion.  Carter was excited about it and loved wearing this tie!  I couldn’t believe it.  He even kept it on when he came home that afternoon.  He changed into athletic shorts, a button down, and a tie…I think he was feeling pretty studly!  I love my little man!

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Toothless Wonder

My how things can change in a week!  Smiley Riley is looking too cute!

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